Officers & Staff


Simplice M. Kuelo

Simplice started at the Cargill plant in Beardstown, IL in 2013.  In 2014, he became a Chief Steward/Translator for Local 431 then hired on staff at the Local as a Union Representative/Organizer eff. 4/17/2017.  Simplice was appointed to the Executive Board of Local 431 in 2014.  He is currently the President of Local 431, effective 11/1/21.


Ashley Danner

Ashley started at the Cargill plant now known as JBS in March 2008.  She served on the Health and Wellness committee there during 2012 -2014.  She graduated from Rushville High School in 2002.  Ashley is experienced working with FMLA/ADA regulations.  She was nominated for the position of Secretary Treasurer in 2021, and is currently the Secretary Treasurer of the Local eff. 11/1/2021.   Ashley was also appointed as a Delegate to the Quad City Federation of Labor, an organization dedicated to representing the interests of working people at the state and local level.

Union Representatives & Organizers

Samuel Stokes

Samuel started at the Tyson Waterloo plant in 1991, where he became Plant Representative in 2012.  In January, 2017, Local 431 hired Samuel as a Union Representative/Organizer, servicing members in Waterloo, IA and surrounding areas.  Samuel was appointed to the Executive Board of Local 431 in 2006.  He currently serves as the Trustee for Local 431.

Justin Ferry

Justin started his working career at Jewel-Osco stores in 2002.  He was a Chief Steward there for Local 431 since 2010 until the Local hired him on staff as a Union Representative/Organizer in 2020.  Justin sits on the Quad City Federation of Labor as a delegate since 2020, and he is currently serving on the Local 431 Executive Board as a Vice President.

Justin is the Fire Chief on the Orion, IL Community Fire Protection District and has served since 1997.

Danielle Johnson

Danielle began her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Bartels Lutheran Retirement Community in February 2008, the following year also becoming a Certified Medication Aide. Danielle has experience working in Acute/Skilled Nursing care, Long-term care, and in Alzheimer’s/Dementia care. Danielle has been a Local 431 member since 2012 and served as Chief Steward at Bartels from 2018 until July 2021 when the Local hired her on as a Service Representative/Organizer. Danielle was appointed to the Executive Board of Local 431 in November 2019. Danielle currently serves our Healthcare division contracts out of Waterloo, IA.

Horacio Borgen

Horacio is our newest Local 431 staff member.  He was hired on in February of 2023 as a Organizer. Prior to organizing, Horacio was and currently is a voice for working families.