News and Upcoming Events

News and Upcoming Events

Free college for UFCW members and their families

The UFCW Free College Benefit makes back to school a bit easier.  Enroll today to earn a debt-free degree!

Enrollment for the winter semester of UFCW's Free College program is open! Monday, October 13th is the fall enrollment deadline!  UFCW members and their families can earn an Associate Degree online from a public, accredited community college.

If you wish to apply for this opportunity or want more information, please go to


How To Cut Up a Chicken

Ever wonder how to cut up a whole chicken?  Let a union butcher help - Jon, a longtime UFCW member, has some great tips for you on You Tube.  Go to:


UFCW Women's Network visits Congress in DC

On September 7th, 2017, 15 members of the UFCW Women’s Network from 11 different states visited with members of Congress to discuss issues that impact hard-working families.  One member flew in from as far as California, and Valencia, a member from Florida, made the trip despite the chaos created by hurricane Irma. 

Women make up nearly half of the workforce, and many families need 2 incomes to make ends meet.  With the responsibilities of taking care of kids or helping sick family members, having all the support women can get is critical to helping them and their families build the better lives they’ve earned an deserve. 

The Women’s Network discussed the FAMILY Act, The Schedules That Work Act, and the importance of affordable health care with members of Congress.

The FAMILY Act would provide paid family leave to all Americans, and will make sure that hard-working people are able to take care of themselves and their loved ones no matter where they live, what job they have, or who they work for. 

The Schedules That Work Act provides retail, food service, and cleaning workers with 2 weeks advanced notice of their schedules and guarantees minimum pay when they’re sent home from work before completing their entire shift. 

It’s essential for women to have affordable health care options.  High health care costs are an especially large burden for low-income women who regularly need health services, but who struggle to pay premiums and out-of-pocket costs.  Making sure that all women have access to quality, affordable care will strengthen millions of American families.

Having women’s voices at the table is critical to building a better workforce that works for all.

Valencia, from UFCW Local 1625 in Florida, explained the power of showing up to speak face-to-face with members of Congress.  “I’m a mother of 3, and I understand that 12 weeks of unpaid leave is unreasonable for a single-income household”, she said.  “That’s why I’m here to talk to my Congress member.  It’s important to speak out about these issues and for them to hear directly from us”.



Citizenship Workshop in Beardstown, IL

Shown above is Simplice Mabiala Kuelo, Organizer for Local 431 along with 3 of 8 UFCW members from the JBS plant in Beardstown, IL, who received scholarship money from United Latinos and UFCW to offset the cost of becoming U.S. citizens.


Cool Weather is Coming!

Summer is winding down and cooler weather is coming.  Now's the time to curl up with a good book, a crackling fire and a hot beverage from our list of Union Made cozy comforts. Visit the website to get lists of Union made products.